Zwaar Water grafische vormgeving & webdesign

Veemkade 594-B (In de buurt)
1019BL Amsterdam

Tel.: +31(0) 20 669 5409
Fax: +31(0) 20 669 5526
Ordernemings-/BTW-nr.: 1686.76.722.B.01

Dutch Design: we produce your message. Zwaar Water has been doing just that for the past twelve years for companies such as Kluwer, KPN Telecom and Philips. We create your marketingcampagnes, logo's, mailings, newsletters, books, dissertations, magazines; but also web sites, webshops, interactive sites and Content Management Systems. All in one hand, from design to delivery: concept, text, printing and/or programming for webdesign. We always reserve space for the smal budgets. 'specials'. Zwaar Water participates in social and sustainable undertaking. Visit us: www.zwaarwater.nl or call: +31(0) 20 669 5409