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Company profile
In our world everyone should have chance to benefit from the progress being made constantly while respecting the environment, and helping us to exchange and communicate, live and travel safely, work efficiently, master and enjoy the benefits of new technologies and power sources, and produce more and better goods. As a specialist in electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering, energy,
communications networks and transport infrastructure, SPIE brings the world around us to life and helps the organisations that cause change – manufacturers and commercial enterprises as well as local and regional authorities – to design,
build, operate and maintain their facilities.
SPIE’s 23,000 employees work from nearly 400 locations in 25 countries providing advanced technical services and solutions to meet the current and future
challenges of both local and international customers.
In 2005, SPIE had pro forma sales of €2,688 million and EBIT of €83.2 million.