Rubriek:  AFDICHTINGEN Rotterdam


Innsbruckweg 70-74 (In de buurt)
3047 AH Rotterdam

Tel.: 0031-104625876
Fax: 0031-104621878
Ordernemings-/BTW-nr.: NL813273183B01

ICL produces, supplies and inspects heat-resistant gaskets, seals and insulation material.
The core of ICL’s business activities comprises the manufacture of heat-resistant gaskets in all possible thicknesses and qualities. In many cases, Kerasil 325® plays an important role. This is a high-temperature-resistant material based on fibre paper and silicones. Apart from Kerasil 325®, other base materials are used such as safe materials, vermiculite, stainless steel foil, graphite, rubber, felt, etc.
Customers are leading companies in fields that include appliance manufacturing and the steel industry. Manufacturers of central heating boilers, heaters, gas cookers and air heating equipment form a particularly important group of buyers..

ICL is active worldwide.