Rose NV

Industrial Zoning Klein Frankrijk 13
9600 Ronse

Tel.: +32 55230801
Fax: +32 55230802
Ordernemings-/BTW-nr.: be402139828


Rose NV was created in 1956 and is a company producing and distributing Winter textile accessories.
Our product range includes gloves, hats and scarves in polar, micro fleece, knitted items in acrylic, mixed yarn and wool yarn, silk items as gloves, cagouls, socks, etc.

The company is based in Ronse in an industrial zoning area with an office building, showroom and a warehouse of 2.400 m².

In Hangzhou - China we have a factory in partnership producing knitted accessories such as scarves, gloves, hats and ponchos.

Our company is looking to cooperate with a brand company for which we can distribute their product range or/and for which we can offer our logistic organisation.

If you have any interest, we can fix an appointment in your/our offices.

Yours sincerely,

Freddy Dehoorne

Industrial Zoning Klein Frankrijk 13
B 9600 Ronse - Belgium
tel 32.55230801
fax 32.55230802
E-mail freddy@rose.be