Securitas Systems

Sint-Lendriksborre 3 (In de buurt)
1000 Brussel

Tel.: +32 2 759 85 94
Fax: +32 70 22 00 33
Ordernemings-/BTW-nr.: BE 427.033.590

Securitas Systems offers each client a total electronic security solution. Security solutions comprise burglary detection, perimeter protection, camera surveillance with video transmission, access control and fire detection systems.

Additionally Securitas Systems can offer the banking sector a number of specialized products and solutions such as temporized cash registers (electronically controlled dissuasive furniture for cash safekeeping) and anti-mugging bags for the internal transportation of value documents.

In order to guarantee a total security solution Securitas Systems offers the installation and maintenance services complemented by conceptual studies, project management and system integration when needed. This allows us to meet the customer’s specific security needs. System solutions are made-to-measure and the entire process from concept to maintenance is carefully managed. It is this flexibility and client orientation that is the key to the Securitas Systems’ success