Xplanation Language Services

Technologielaan 21 Bus 2 (In de buurt)
3001 Leuven

Tel.: 016397511
Fax: 016397512
Ordernemings-/BTW-nr.: 475.425.209

Our mission is to help business and industry customers communicate globally as efficiently and professionally as possible by means of translated material. To achieve this, we believe strongly in controlling a global network of highly professional translation suppliers within our advanced Internet-based translation workflow. It covers the entire translation process and enhances both the translation quality and cost-efficiency. With the help of our experienced staff of translation process experts, translation resource managers, project managers, system developers and engineers, Xplanation will make sure that the varied needs in your organisation are reflected in the way we process your texts, and that you will reap the maximum benefit from using Xplanation and our integrated translation solution globally.